Town Hall

telephone Number  860 - 376-7060

Selectman's Office Fax Number: 860-376-7070 Phone Number: 860-376-7060
First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck 202
Executive Assistant Lisa Wood 201
Second Selectman Steven Merchant 201
Third Selectman Martin McKinney 201
Assessor Office Fax Number: 860-376-7070
Assessor Evelyn A. Spagnolo 106
Assistant Assessor Barbara Gauthier 103
Tax Revenue Office Fax Number: 860-376-7070
Tax Collector Leona Sharkey 102
Assistant Tax Collector Kathy Levy 104
Town Clerk Office Fax Number: 860-376-7070
Town Clerk Valerie Pudvah 100
Assistant Town Clerk Jaimee O'Neil-Eaton 101
Fire Marshal Office Fax Number: 860 -376-7070
Fire Marshal / Civil Defense Fred Marzec 107
Deputy Fire Marshal Tom Holowaty 115
Administrative Assistant Patrick Collins - Griswold FD 860-376-4996
Building Office Fax Number: 860-376-3789
Building Official/Zoning Enforcement Peter M. Zvingilas 109
Administrative Assistant Shannon Webster 112
Planning & Development Office Fax Number: 860-376-3789
Town Planner Mario J. Tristany, Jr. 111
Administrative Assistant Donna M. Szall 112
Finance Office Fax Number: 860-376-4820
Treasurer Dorothy Faulise Doucette 205
Financial Director Erik Christensen 206
Bookkeeper Debra Robinson 203
Assistant Bookkeeper Jeannette Bell 204
Registrars Office Fax Number: 860-376-7070
Registrar Cathy Briody 208
Registrar George Kennedy 208
Borough Office Fax Number: 860-376-7070
Borough Tax Collector Leona Sharkey 102
Off Site Telephone Numbers
Animal Control
Animal Control Officer Shea Cavacini 860-213-1534
Assistant Animal Control Officer Robert Hanson
Tree Warden Paul Brycki 860-917-0509
Griswold Public Works Todd Babbitt, Director 860-376-7080
Michael Cassidy, Foreman 860-376-7080
Griswold Housing Authority Paul Brycki, Director 860-376-4576
Griswold Senior Center
and Senior & Social Services
Tina Falck, Director 860-376-2604
Youth & Family Services
and Griswold Parks & Recreation
Ryan Aubin, Director 860-376-7026

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