Our Office's Responsibility to Our Residents:


The primary duties of the Assessor's Office are to discover, list and value all property within its jurisdiction. A Grand List represents the total of assessed values for all taxable real property, personal property, and motor vehicles located within the Town on October 1st of any given year.


Assessments for real property are based on 70 percent of the fair market value at the time of the last revaluation.


Additionally, the Assessor's Office administers the State of Connecticut Homeowners Rebate Program, Renters' Rebate Program, 490 Program, (farm, forest  and open space) The Totally Disabled and Veterans as well as

the Local Farm Building Exemption and any other exemption and/or abatement that the Town of Griswold creates.

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Our office is on the first floor

 of the Town Hall.



Monday - Wednesday

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Assessor Property

Record Information


To search Griswold's property records cards


Assessor Tax Exemption

Personal Property Declaration

Homeowners and Renters Rebate Program


Homeowners may sign up period is between, February 1st to May1st.

Renters may sign up between April 1st and October 1st of any given year.





There are Income limits for this program for a single person and for married couples




To schedule an appointment call either the Assessor's Office @ 860-376-7060 X 2103

or Call the Municipal Agent @ 860-376-2604 (must have a Social Security Card)

Please Bring the Following Documents:













  1. SSA-1099 (Social Security) or a TPQY if you are Social Security disabled
  2. Your income tax return for the previous year if you filed an income tax return
  3. Interest statements from your bank
  4. Pensions
  5. Any other income



  1. Rent receipts for the whole previous year
  2. Electricity bills for the whole previous year
  3. Fuel bills – oil, kerosene, gas for the whole previous year
  4. Water/Sewer bills – if not included in rent for the whole previous year.

Click here for informational letter regarding revaluation!

To  request a  “BENEFIT VERIFICATION LETTER”  and/or  “PROOF OF SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY”  for the previous calendar year.

CALL 1-800-772-1213

(TTY 1-800-325-0778)







Notices to Taxpayers  Assessment Process



All persons liable to pay taxes are hereby notified to declare all tangible personal property owned by them for three months or more as of October 1st of any given year.  Forms will be mailed to all property owners previously on record by each local assessor.  Otherwise CGS 87-245 provides that the assessor apply a 25% PENALTY for failure to file by November 1st of any given year.


NOTE:  A declaration for real property or Connecticut registered motor vehicles is not necessary.  Taxable personal property includes office  equipment, machinery, farming tools, mechanics tools, horses and unregistered camp trailers.  Registered camp trailers are taxable in the town where they are housed.  All furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment used in any business must be declared.  Horses must be declared and will be allowed up to a $1,000 exemption.



who served for more than ninety days during the dates of war under Section 27-103 or have been disabled must have recorded their honorable discharge with the Town Clerk by October 1st of any given year in order to receive an exemption against their tax bill.



Additional exemption is available for those who meet necessary income requirements and file with the Assessor’s office by October 1st of any given year.  Bi-annual filing is required and proof of income must be furnished at time of application.



Active Service Members may obtain an exemption on one (1) passenger motor vehicle if proof is submitted.



Any person under the age of 65 that has been awarded total disability may be entitled to receive a $1,000 assessment exemption.  Applicants must furnish proof of award.



Persons seeking to apply under Farm / Forest, for the first time, must file between September 1st and October 31st of any given year except in a revaluation year then it must be filed by December 31 of that given year.  Forestry applications must be accompanied by a CT Qualified Foresters Report.



Connecticut law provides for Annual Tax Relief for persons who are 65 years and older or totally disabled who meet necessary qualifications.  To be eligible for a benefit, application with proof of income must be made during the following dates:


HOMEOWNERS:  February 1, through May 15, of any given year

RENTERS:   April 1, through October 1,  of any given year


PERSONS PERMANENTLY AND TOTALLY DISABLED, regardless of age, may also apply for benefits under the elderly programs as approved by OPM.



New commercial trucks with a gross vehicle rating in excess of 26,000 lbs. should check with the Assessor’s office for tax exemption eligibility.  Application must be completed and filed with the assessor by November 1st of any given year on a form prescribed by the Secretary of the Office of Policy & Management.

What is the Assessment Process?

A Grand List represents the total assessed values for all taxable real property, personal property, and motor vehicles located within the Town on October 1st of any given year. Assessments for real property are based on 70 percent of the estimated market value at the time of the last revaluation. When a building permit is issued, the Assessor's Office receives a copy of the permit and applies any changes to the property. These changes can add or subtract value from the property and reflect the dollar amounts developed at the time of the last revaluation. All personal property (furniture, fixtures, equipment, and machinery) is revalued annually. An assessor's check and audit is completed periodically. Deadline for filing the personal property declaration is November 1st of any given year. The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle furnishes the Town with a list of vehicles registered within the Town of Griswold. Section 12-71(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes provides that motor vehicles which are registered with the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles after the October 1st assessment date but before the next July 31st are subject to a property tax as if the motor vehicle had been included on the October 1st Grand List, supplemental motor vehicle list. The assessment is then prorated, and is based on the number of months of ownership between October 1st and September 30th of any given year

Personal Property Declaration

All businesses located within the Town of Griswold and the Borough of Jewett City must file a personal property declaration with the assessor by November 1st of any given year on that current year personal property declaration form. Penalties will be applied for a late filing and/or lack of signatures in the amount of 25% of the total assessment. Declarations must be filed annually.

The Assessor is authorized to audit declarations, within three years of the date of the required filing. Substantial penalties are applicable if such an audit reveals property not declared as required by law (CGS §12-53).


Board of Assessment Appeals


The Board of Assessment Appeal meets annually following the completion of the grand list. Hearing dates are typically held in March & September of any given year. Applications must be filed by a certain deadline which is usually February 20th deadline for the March hearing unless an extension has been filed. Contact the Assessor’s office for an application and to check on the filing deadline.

See their page here.

Regarding Motor Vehicle Assessments?

Q. How is the value of my Motor Vehicle determined?

A. Standard price guidelines (NADA) are used to determine the average retail value of your motor vehicles. The assessment is based on 70 percent of these values.


Q. What if I think my assessment is not accurate?

A. You have the right to appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals. The BAA conducts hearings twice a year during the months of March (for all types of properties) and September (for Motor Vehicles appearing on the October 1st List).


Q. Why do I still get billed for a vehicle in Griswold when I no longer live there?

A. You need to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Q. Why do I still get a bill for a vehicle I no longer own?

A. If you owned a vehicle as of October 1st of any given year, you are responsible for the July bill. You may receive a credit or refund if you provide proof to the assessor.


Q. How Do I Prove We No Longer Have a Vehicle?


  1. Copy of the bill of sale (located on the bottom of the registration)
  2. Signed copy of the transfer of title
  3. Out of state registration (date of when registered out of state)
  4. Stolen vehicle (a statement from the insurance company that the vehicle was stolen and not recovered)
  5. Totaled vehicle (a statement from the insurance company indicating that the vehicle was a total loss)
  6.  Junked vehicle (a notarized receipt from a junkyard)
  7.  Trade-in vehicle (a signed copy of a purchase agreement identifying the trade-in vehicle.)


 PLEASE NOTE: All information must be DATED and have the VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER on it. For more information contact the Assessor's office.




    Q. Could I qualify for any exemptions?


A. Veteran, Spouse of a Deceased Veteran, Disabled Veteran, Blind or Totally Disabled, Motor Vehicle of Service Person or Forest Farm Open Space


Elderly Homeowners, Renters or Disabled Exemptions


    Q. Are there any programs for Senior Citizens?


A. If you or your spouse is over 65 or disabled and you live in your own home, you may be eligible for a tax credit which could reduce your tax bill subject to income verification. If you are a renter, you may be eligible for rent reimbursement based on age and income. For more information contact the Assessor's Office.


     Elderly homeowners who qualify by age and income may apply for tax credit. Filing begins February 1st with the deadline being May 15th of any given year. The income for the current calendar year is used and Re-application is every other year. Totally disabled persons, of any age, who meet these same income requirements may apply and receive benefits. Application forms may be obtained from the Assessor’s Office. A signed copy of your Federal Income Tax Return must be filed along with the SSA-1099 form. If no income tax return needs to be filed then a copy of all income including the SSA-1099 Social Security must be presented.


The tax credit is based on an income level with a percent benefit not to exceed a set maximum or minimum limit.

Renters who qualify by age and income may apply for a renters rebate. Filing dates for the elderly and disabled is between April 1st and October 1st of any given year. You may obtain more information by contacting the Assessor’s office.